All instruments are cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic bath containing a powerful bactericidal, virucidal (HIV and HBV), fungicidal and tuberculocidal solution.

Paper and plastic disposables are for single-use and are thrown away after each use.

After rinsing and drying, the instruments are packaged in tightly sealed sachets through a thermosealing process.

The instruments are then sterilised with a class B autoclave.

These sterilisers ensure complete sterilization of solid objects (instruments), hollow objects (containers) or porous objects (pads).

An object is considered sterile when no viable micro-organism is detectable on it.

After this immutable cycle, the instruments are stored in total safety until they are used again.

The Tethys H10 Plus is an innovative thermo-disinfector that replaces the many manual activities that preceded sterilization.

Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are carried out in one and the same automatic process.

A single cycle that eliminates any risk for the operator and effectively completes the four phases that precede the bagging and sterilization of the instruments.

A certified company ensures secure and controlled waste disposal: needles, anaesthetic carpules, blades, etc. and they are destroyed by incineration.

Decontamination of the impressions before sending them to the laboratory.

Disinfection of the dental unit between every patient.

Preparation of the technical surgical tray.

Rigorous surgical asepsis during operations.

Preoperative mouthwash considerably reduces the dissemination of oral bacteria within the dental practice and the risk of cross-infection.