Ceramic veneers

A ‘ceramic veneer’ is a thin ceramic restoration fixed on the unsightly tooth or teeth after a minor preparation of the external and visible sides of the tooth.

Teeth whitening

Or rather ‘teeth bleaching’. This is not about ‘whitening’ the teeth but reducing or removing unsightly dark colour whether it is natural or developed through the contact with stain-causing agents (food, drink, tobacco, side effects of a medicine, etc).

Teeth whitening techniques are not without risks. This treatment can only be considered after an oral exam ensuring there are no contraindications. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment and therefore it should only be made on a healthy mouth, with no decay or periodontal diseases.

Scaling and polishing are often necessary before starting a bleaching treatment.

The results will depend on the original colour, the quality of the tooth enamel and its texture. Its sustainability will depend on oral care habits and diet habits (e.g. smoking, drinking coffee, etc.) which may need to be changed in order to ensure the sustainability of the treatment.

Keep your teeth whitening trays. If stains reappear, it may be possible to redo the bleaching treatment. If you keep your trays, then you will only have to buy a syringe of whitening gel. You will not have to pay again for the whole procedure.

Do not overuse these products on your teeth. Never use off-the-shelf products!