Oral Implantology

What is a dental implant ?

It is an artificial root.

This artificial tooth root serves as a base to fix a new crown, therefore making a new tooth. Several implants may support several teeth or a bridge in order to complete a full restoration of the dental arch. Implants can also help stabilise a removable prosthesis or denture.

What is osseointegration ?

Osseointegration is a direct, structural and functional connexion between living bone and the surface of a load-carrying implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants ?

With an implant, there is no need to prepare the teeth neighbouring the lost tooth when placing a bridge.
With an implant, there is no extra bone loss, which is inevitable after a tooth extraction, and it helps stimulate bone growth. With an implant, an uncomfortable prosthesis or denture can be stabilised, chewing ability is improved, orofacial bone structures are maintained.

Implant prosthetic rehabilitation cannot be taken lightly, it implies careful planning with study templates and scan images (Cone beam CT).