First Visit

On your first visit, we kindly ask you:
  • To arrive 15 MINUTES BEFORE the time of your appointment in order to complete your medical and dental questionnaire; 
  • To bring your IDENTITY CARD, a necessary step to open your electronic record;
  • To bring a detailed list of the MEDICINE you take;
  • To bring RECENT X-RAYS (taken within the last year). You will therefore save extra costs and irradiation. Older X-rays cannot be used.

For first visits, we recommend a complete oral and dental exam in order to understand your general condition which is a standard practice of preventative and integrated dental medicine. We will discuss the results of the exam with you and establish a personalized treatment plan. You will receive a fee estimate and be given the required time needed before giving your consent to continue any further treatments.

Should you need an urgent intervention, our priority will be to relieve your pain. When calling us, please give us all the necessary information in order to make sure we can treat you most effectively and schedule your appointment for the most suitable time. If we cannot promptly give you an appointment, we will refer you to an on-call service that will be able to see you on the same day.

Please note that a missed appointment or an appointment that has not been cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged to the patient.

Payment of fees via BANCONTACT or CREDIT CARD are preferred.

If you come by car, be aware that our practice is located in a ‘Blue Zone’. Do not forget to display your PARKING DISK.